New Edition of McGill Guide to Legal Citation

The McGill Law Journal recently completed the latest (6th) edition of its famous Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation.

The Guide is the accepted authority on citation of legal materials. Canadian courts, legal periodicals, law faculties and lawyers rely on the Guide to maintain a uniform system of legal citation.

The newest edition includes new material pertaining to the following matters:

  • the neutral citation should now come first in the list of parallel citations
  • material has been added dealing with electronic journals
  • there is updated information on citation to electronic databases
  • there is a new section on dealing with eJournals
  • there are more abbreviations in the appendix (more court levels, more journal titles etc.)
  • a new section has been added for American courts
  • there is a new section on international criminal tribunals
  • there are sections on patents, course materials and religious law

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