Coalition for Networked Information

Slawyers may be interested to know about the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI).

CNI is an organization dedicated to supporting the transformative promise of networked information technology for the advancement of scholarly communication and the enrichment of intellectual productivity. Some 200 institutions representing higher education, publishing, network and telecommunications, information technology, and libraries and library organizations make up CNI’s Members.

Their projects look like the kind of thing that overlaps with our interests, because they aim to:

  • share knowledge about architectures and standards for networked information
  • improve scholarly communication
  • study the economics of networked information
  • advance Internet technology and infrastructure
  • enhance teaching and learning
  • understand the institutional and professional implications of the networked environment
  • expand government information on the Internet

Sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries and Educause, CNI has something like 200 members, mostly from the U.S. but including some from elsewhere. I was going to suggest that Slaw join until I saw that it’s a golf club situation: members have to pay $6,200 (US) per year. So it looks like we’ll have to make do with the CNI feed.

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