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WorldLII latest newsletter is out. Quite a bit from the antipodes. And from CanLII news that they now have decisions of the Ontario Grievance Settlement Board and the Ontario
Public Service Grievance Board, as well as the Nova Scotia Small Claims Court. It’s good to see that “small” matters are being taken seriously by CanLII: if anyone needed free access to decisions, it’s the people who turn to these bodies. CanLII also now has Yukon legislation.

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By the way, you won’t see a more minimalist web document than this from WorldLII: it’s simply a typescript with the tags <pre> and </pre> thrown around it. Though, it’s been put through some program that creates hotlinks. Kind of makes you nostalgic for the very first web efforts way back when screens were green and text was amber. Shows you what you can do online, though, with no trouble at all.

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