A Change in Comment Spam Filters

We’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, the application that drives Slaw. As a result, we’re able to use the Akismet spam filter, which might make life easier for people who want to leave legitimate comments on this site. I’ve deactivated the old filter and turned on Akismet. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties or if your comment somehow disappears into the ether. I’ll try to fix things.


  1. Akismet works really well for trackback spam. Any thoughts of opening up Slaw trackbacks? Not sure how much it would be used, but I’ve had occasion where I’ve thought it might be handy…

  2. I was thinking of allowing trackbacks, but perhaps I’d like to wait until I see how well Akismet handles the comment spam. I’m encouraged to hear that you think it’s good.