Advanced Search

All good things come in threes. (Or sevens, or twelves, or…) So it is with administrative announcements. You’ve heard about the amazing change in RSS feeds. You’ve read about the exciting switch in comment spam filters. Now have a crack at Slaw’s fantastic new advanced search capabilities!

The link you’ve been longing for is just under the stuffy old search box. One click an you’re into a page of querious delight, with well over 50 — count ’em, 50! — check boxes and radio buttons to afford you hours of innocent amusement. But in our rush down the page let’s not forget the Boolean-made-easy boxes at the very top. Now you can put your foot down firmly and declare “No Google, please. We’ll have none of that silly-seek stuff here!” Never has AND NOT been easier. Or, if you’re more of a herder-searcher, you can agglutinate and aggregate until every last cow or chicken or duck or swallow comes home.

And for that moment when you’re feeling wild, the new asterisk is your friend at the end.

The end.

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