$18,300,000,000 Market for Legal Information

I thought I’d typed the wrong number of zeroes, but yes the $18 billion plus place taken by the big three providers in the market for legal information is predicted to expand by 6.3% next year.

The “Big Three” — Thomson Legal & Regulatory, Wolters Kluwer, and LexisNexis (Reed Elsevier) — dominate this segment with a combined market share of 59.1 percent.

Outsell is predicting that the Big Three will keep expanding by acquiring more companies in the legal technology space. In addition, the LTR segment will experience more international acquisitions and joint ventures as publishers seek stronger footholds in Europe and Asia.

If you want to know more, their report is only US$2,495.

All information costs. Legal information really costs.


  1. I didn’t think the numbers would be nearly that high. If you had told me 1-3B, ok, but 18B! Holy smokes!

  2. I guess I have to start my business rigt now if I want LN to buy it… ;-) Any idea of what the big3 are hungry for?

  3. Software that integrates lawyers tasks into a desktop built around their services. But they’ve been picking up all the low-hanging fruit.

  4. yowza! we better start producing data pronto. or buying stock.