Michael Lines Joins UVic

I am pleased to inform SLAWers that Michael Lines, a frequent contributor to this blog, will be joining the Priestly Law Library at the University of Victoria as the new “Faculty and Student” services law librarian in mid-December. I’m sure you will agree with me that Michael will be a tremendous addition to the library and to the UVic Law School. I’m sure he will contine you to contribute to SLAW and I have already volunteered him to help out with the ACCESS 2007 conference in Victoria.


  1. Awesome news!!! Congratulations Michael, and to Neil Campbell too! I think this calls for a Imperial Stout at Spinnakers!

  2. What good fortune for U Vic! My only concern is that Michael will lose his winter termpering and turn to things like gardening in February and messing about in boats and all those soft-centred arts.

    Congratulations to both U Vic and to Michael!

  3. Thanks Steve and Simon! I’m really looking forward to it. As to any supposed cold-tempered steel in my soul, Edmonton has been getting so mild lately that the cross-country skis we bought a couple of years ago have only been out a few times. Better to go kayaking.

  4. Good suggestion, Steven. However, the pub of choice for UVic Law is Swan’s Hotel (cause UVic owns it!) and my pint of choice is a “Buckerfields Bitter”.

  5. I only went to Swan’s once while at UVic, but remember it being very nice. The other beer I remember at Spinnakers was a ‘Mt. Tolmie Dark’ but I don’t see it on the list. My other favourite was a pint of Guinness @ Christie’s. …. very fond memories, but poor use of my student loans. :-)

    Michael, you’re going to love Victoria! Half hour drive from one end to the other, water front everywhere, tons of great hiking, and as alluded to, some of the finest pubs this side of Halifax!

  6. Great stuff – congratulations Michael. And when you tire of beer, there’s always Sooke Harbour.

  7. Congratulations, all around! Wow, another reason for a west coast “road trip”!

  8. Maybe we can all finally have that beer we were thinking of at CALL, but never got to…

  9. Firstly congrats all around. Secondly, all this beer talk has me thinking of a conference Pub Crawl…. Can someone give us the lowdown on the Ottawa pub scene?

  10. Isn’t it over in Hull? heh