Judicial Orders

For the second time in the past two months, a NS Judge has ordered a Cabinet Minister and/or Department to deal with individuals in the courts.

Yesterday, Judge Pam Williams ordered the NS Community Services Minister to appear in court as the legal guardian of a troubled teen who in the care of the Department of Community Services. Story here and here.

Last month, Judge Bill MacDonald ordered a 70 year old woman accussed of arson into the care of the Department of Health. Story here.

I’m not sure if Judges in Nova Scotia are intentionally trying to make a statement, but twice is a coincidence, three times becomes a trend.


  1. It betrays a Gomery-like misunderstanding of the nature of the Crown and the responsibilities of cabinet ministers.

    The NS judges should be talking to Crown Counsel as the AG’s agents, or having questions raised in the House of Assembly.