Saluting Gerald Fridman

Our library has the new edition of Fridman on Contracts, this up to date as of the Summer Solstice 2006.

Gerald FridmanA new edition of a standard contracts text is an achievement. For a 78 year-old, it’s remarkable.

In the course of a long and distinguished academic career, Fridman has published 18 books, including among them the standard works on the common law Canadian law of obligations, as well as his works on Agency and Sale of Goods.

May he keep writing as long as Austin Scott, who was still working on his treatise on the Law of Trusts well into his mid-nineties.


  1. Fridman on Contracts gets my vote for MVT (most valuable textbook) for the Canadian commercial litigator. And a 2006 update! Christmas comes early…

  2. Man, the pressure! I just checked to make sure our copy was received, catalogued, and on the shelf already….and it is. Whew! You know, before all our students and associates come looking for it because they heard about it here.