Law Librarians Featured in Bar Association Magazines

Perusing Michel-Adrien Sheppard‘s blog Library Boy has reminded me what I meant to post earlier this week before everything went haywire trying to finish up for the holiday:

Sabrina Pacifici, creator and owner of and, is featured in the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Technology magazine, December 2006 issue: Tech Profile: Sabrina Pacifici. The article gives a nice overview of her “public” career, how she got started on the web and built her fantastic reputation.

In a modest echo of the article featuring Sabrina, I was interviewed for this month’s Canadian Bar Association National magazine, in an article on law blogging by Amy Jo Ehman called All Aboard! (starting on page 50; my interview is on page 51).

I am delighted to see the article about Sabrina, and am very pleased that this year librarians have started to figure on the radar of lawyer publications. And thanks to fellow Slawyer Jordan Furlong who no doubt might have a little bit to do with it. In Canada, anyway.


  1. Connie, are you able to comment on the public using law libraries in Ontario?

    Last year I made my views known to the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Law Foundation of Ontario, which donates funds to the law libraries in Ontario as well as the Minister of the Attorney General about being denied access to the John Sopinka Law Library at the Hamilton Court House for wanting to do my own legal research.

    Since there is difficulty for certain individuals that fall under enumerated grounds under the Charter and the Ontario Human Rights Code to get legal services, it falls upon the individual to be their own ‘lawyer’.

    Barriers to legal information just make access to justice that much more difficult in Ontario.

    I understand that British Columbia allows the public to use the law libraries there. Why not Ontario?

  2. The National really shows an interest to blogging! I don’t know if it is Furlong related but they I have a special place for bloggers in their last 3 editions… I was contacted by Melanie through Patrick Cormier for the French article on blogging. Let’s hope all the team at the National is as blawg addict as we are! Blawging rule! In fact, in French, I love the name of drog for blawg and here is the reason why!

  3. Marlene, I would like to do a bit of research before responding to your question since it is not my particular area of expertise (I work in a private law firm library). I will present it as a separate post once I have an answer for you. It is a good question and I suspect the response is a bit complicated.