After the Ambrogis, the DKs!

DKCongrats to all, Slaw won for REAL! Indeed, Slaw is mentionned in DennisKennedy’s blog post The 2006 Blawggies: Dennis Kennedy’s Best Law-related Blogging Awards as “Best Legal Blog Category – Law Librarian Blogs and Canadian Law-related Blogs (Tie)”.

Moreover, in that same category, our fellows Vancouver Law Library Blog and Connie Crosby are winners with Rob Hyndman. I totally agree with DK: you’re terrific voices out there!

Here is what DK has to say:

I remain a huge fan of law librarian bloggers and enjoyed getting the chance to meet some of them during their convention in St. Louis this summer. As I said last year, “across the board, these blogs have developed into strong information resources, often with links to primary source information that I’m not sure how I would find otherwise.” Anyone else notice in the past year that more and more of the law blogs you read regularly are based in Canada? There’s great work being done north of the border. Let me mention Rob Hyndman, Vancouver Law Library Blog, Connie Crosby and for starters.

From DK’s winners list, I note that we all end up reading the same blogs: survival of the fittest they say! I better stop working and spend more time on my blog if I want to survive…

Steven, this time, Slaw deserves a nice crest… I am fed up with the Ambrogi as my background!


  1. I was one of those who had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Kennedy, his co-hort Matt Homann and my fellow law librarian blogger Bonnie Shucha in St. Louis. It was one of several highlights of the trip.