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Precydent – a Better Case Law Search Engine or Puffery?

Precydent is the web page (URL typed in full at the bottom of the message) for a beta-site for what the developers claim is a better search engine algorithm.

There’s a study posted on the page in which the developers set out the results of tests comparing their engine to Westlaw and Lexis. According to their tests, their engine has a better “recall” value – recall expressing the number of previously identified and tagged significant decisions in the database which the various search engines produce when processing the same question.

The developers claim they’re bringing the ranking procedures that web . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

It’s been raining cats, dogs and manatees here in Toronto, and it seems that much of the country is being visited by water in one form or another. Which gets me half way to this week’s Fillip. The other half is the grey that November (the Thursday of months) can and does for us here, at least, provide. So it’s time for something completely frivolous, plashy — and grey.

The game of battleship meets all these requirements. And there’s a wonderful site on the web, Battleships, General Quarters, replete with nifty sound effects and pics of desperately handsome sailors . . . [more]

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We Win!!! Slaw Is the Top Legal Blog!

Robert Ambrogi says the votes are in, and Slaw is the number one voted law blog!

Many thanks to everyone who participated. Those are some mighty fine comments!

And yes, we did ‘beat the bushes’, but this was the extent of our beating. Plus, the fact that this site gets 60k unique visitors a month from all over the world, might have helped too. :-) . . . [more]

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FYI I wanted to draw your attention to a N.B. case where a blogger was arrested and charged with obstructing justice while taking pictures of a protest that occurred last summer in Saint John, N.B. Last week the Judge in the case acquitted the blogger saying that he was “plying his trade” as a journalist at the time of the arrest. Link to story. It does not appear that the case has been made available through the various sources as of yet. Link to Blog in question.

On a different Blog matter, the following link is to a Blog (originally . . . [more]

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World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. In Canada we mark World AIDS Day by making a donation to CANFAR and wearing the red ribbon symbolizing the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS.

CANFAR donation page.

From the World AIDS Day Message by the World Health Organization’s Acting Director-General Dr Anders Nordström:

In August this year, at the XVI International AIDS Conference, 30 000 of us came together in Toronto in reply to the Conference’s call to action. That action, we agreed, must reflect a balanced mix of prevention, treatment and care. This year’s World AIDS Day theme

. . . [more]
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Three From Africa

A project I’m working on has led me to three rather different websites in Africa.

The first is a blog from a law prof at the University of Western Cape. Pierre de Vos teaches constitutional law and blogs about it on constitutionally speaking, naturally enough. South Africa has a supreme Constitutional Court, created in 1994, that has the final word on matters relating to that country’s constitution. (You can see decisions from that court here, and the constitution itself, which dates from 1996, here. There’s a very helpful site that explains the South African court setup.) As . . . [more]

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