Multilingual Legal Glossary

Vancouver Community College and the Law Foundation of BC have produced a multilingual legal glossary. It is:

an attempt to respond to an issue identified by the Law Courts Education Society of B.C. (LCES) and the Vancouver Community College Certificate Program in Court Interpreting (VCC) – that of a lack of consistency in the comprehension and use of legal terminology among unaccredited court interpreters working in the courts of British Columbia. This issue is particularly significant in areas outside the Lower Mainland, where accredited interpreters are virtually non-existent.

I imagine this will be of interest to a wider audience, though.

Thanks to Thom Quine of the BC Legal Services Society for the link.


  1. I posted on this a month ago, Michael. Good product, though. Deserves repetition.

  2. Oops… reveals I haven’t been reading as assiduously as I usually do. I seek the mercy of the court on grounds of an excess of holiday rum.