People NEED a Slaw Blidget

A blidget is a widget that will take your blog content and make it into a widget that can be used anywhere to display your sites content.

Simply enter your site’s url, give your blidget some style with the layout, theme color and title etc and then publish your Blidget. If you aren’t already registered with widgetbox, you’ll be asked to register before your Blidget will be published. Once published, you can promote your blidget on your site with a button or just leave it at widgetbox for people to grab.

Check it out at Widgetbox.

Here’s what a Slaw Blidget might look like …


[Ed. note: thumbnail removed and full size image added]

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  1. Heather–I took the liberty of adjusting your photo for you and taking out the note about the thumbnail.

    Uploading a photo to this blog can be a little tricky. Click on the photo to be uploaded and, where it says “using thumbnail”, click on that to change it to “using original”. That should hopefully upload a full size image. Or, if you know about HTML coding you can adjust the underlying code itself.

    By the way, that looks like an interesting widget. Might give it a try…


  2. Thanks much for that, Connie. I must have messed around with the problem for a good 20 minutes! In fact, I found the feature that you’re talking about and I did try “using original” and it still wouldn’t work for me. There must have been some other step I missed. I would also add that the wordpress documentation on adding images is sorely lacking! I oughtta learn more html. I’ll add it to the list.

  3. 8-) Don’t learn too much HTML because XHTML is now the preferred method, which I am just trying to get my head around.

    It is a finicky feature, sometimes doesn’t work. I don’t think it is a WordPress function but rather an add-on that Simon F. has put in place for our convenience, which is why you won’t find it in WordPress documentation. Because WordPress is open source, it is constantly evolving so it is not surprising that parts are of the documentation are not complete.