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Knowledge Ontario – Electronic Library of EBSCO and Thomson Gale Products

Of particular interest to Ontario residents would be the initiatives by Knowledge Ontario to providing online resources to Ontario residents. Access is free of charge from “home, school or work” and is 24/7 and includes licensed full-text newspapers, magazines and journals, references books and newswires .

Two of the major providers are Thomson Gale and EBSCO. There is law-related content, including LegalTrac, which includes links to a fair number of (recent) full-text law journal articles as part of its indexing.

Those in other provinces should check with their provincial library bodies for similar initiatives. . . . [more]

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Sedona Canada on Electronic Document Production

The Sedona Conference has released a draft document that’s a product of the Sedona Conference Working Group 7 (Sedona Canada), entitled “The Sedona Principles: Addressing Electronic Document Production, Canadian Edition.” [PDF]
From the preface:

Working Group 7, “Sedona Canada,” was formed out of the growing recognition that the discovery of electronically stored information can no longer be seen as a peculiarity of litigation in the United States or limited to complex commercial lawsuits in Ontario and British Columbia. It is quickly becoming a factor in all Canadian civil litigation, large and small. It requires universal understanding by the

. . . [more]
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YouTube (Again) on Legal Research Related Technology

I am normally loathe to bother readers times with humorous emails and the like, but the following YouTube video is particularly funny (and does not appear to have yet been posted on SLAW – I checked the previous YouTube postings). Without telling you too much, it relates to the impact of “new” technology (books!). Everyone I have shown it to has enjoyed it and suggested they will incorporate it in their LRW training. See:

Thanks to colleagues Wendy and Louis for forwarding it on. . . . [more]

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Fake Bloggers and Real Law

No lies, please. We’re British.

A European directive (Directive 2005/29/EC Of The European Parliament and of the Council of 11 May 2005 [PDF]) that deals with unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices became effective law in Britain at the end of last year. As people wake up to its import, there have been reports that certain of its provisions would apply to misuse of the internet by bloggers. Annex I of the directive lists those commercial practices that are “in all circumstances considered unfair”; and item 22 in the Annex reads as follows:

22. Falsely claiming or creating the impression that

. . . [more]
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Blogs for Scholarly Research?

Two weeks ago, I attended the session “Citizens, Pundits and Scholars: In Defence of Blogs” at the Ontario Library Association’s annual conference. Presented by Mark Robertson and Kalina Grewal, both Reference Librarians at York University, it wasn’t a “how-to” session on creating a blog. Instead, it examined the content of certain blogs, and highlighted their value as sources for academic research. Based on a workshop they gave to York faculty, the speakers discussed how blogs’ interactions with global social/political issues have important implications on scholarly work. Specifically, they looked at the value of blogs for academic researchers via three contexts: . . . [more]

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There’s a new blawg in town. Techblawg is the recent creation of David Ma, a partner at McCarthy Tètrault in their Technology, Communications and IP Group. As you might imagine, the blawg focuses on developments in the technology industry, or, as the site tag says, “law, technology, finance and other ruminations.”

And by the way, congratulations, David, on the domain name: — just when you think all the good ones are gone, one like this pops up and gives you a (mild) head swat and a “why didn’t I think to get that?”

techblawg (no cap T)… well worth . . . [more]

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Sex and Love and Law in the Workplace

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few blawg items about the legal problems with romance in the workplace:

  • More on Romance in the Workplace (Thoughts from a Management Lawyer, March 11, 2005): “Office romances are a risky proposition for the manager and can have broad and extensive negative ramiffications on the company. “
  • Love Contracts and the Workplace Romance (same blog, February 15, 2006): “…a couple of interesting articles that are worth checking out. The first by Michael Best & Friedrich LLP is called ‘Romance in the Workplace: Tips to Minimize the Legal and Practical Risks for Employers’. The second
. . . [more]
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Application Required

One of the lawyers in our office recently shared this url – – click “Products” and “text-to-speech (TTS)”. Click the picture of the lady – she wll say what you type and if you drag your mouse around the pictures, her eyes will follow.

I cannot think of an obvious use for this technology in a law firm or law firm library – can someone else? And is anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed about the endless potential of today’s technology?

Law firms are pretty consistent in their use of word processing technology (to my knowledge almost everyone now uses . . . [more]

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New Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Infrastructure

This Press Release from last week (Feb. 8) announces the $25 million investment, and outlines two projects.

  • The Digital Content Infrastructure for the Human and Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa will supply university researchers with access to a range of international materials.
  • Synergies: The Canadian Information Network for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Montreal aims to provide access to Canadian materials, including books, peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, theses, and other kinds of Grey Literature.

The projects are jointly initiated by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Industry Canada. Here’s hoping . . . [more]

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Valentines and Google

Speaking of Google, which I just was, I’m wondering what you make of the Google Valentines Day image, which you see to the right. It’s a cherry where the “g” should be–that much is clear. But the thing dribbling down from it looks to me remarkably like half a pair of handcuffs. Now I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. That’s not my thing at all.

So what is it supposed to be? . . . [more]

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Google, Belgium Pipes and Everything

A court of first instance in Belgium has ruled against Google in a suit by a group of newspapers operating in that country who alleged that Google’s News feature violated their copyright. The NY Times has the story, as does the EUobserver. I’ve been unable to find the decision online (anyone?), but it would seem that the complaint has to do with Google’s reproduction on its news pages of the titles of newspaper articles along with short excerpts.

It’s being reported in some places that this is a ruling against linking pure and simple, which doesn’t seem accurate to . . . [more]

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Annette Demers

I’m pleased indeed to announce that Annette Demers has agreed to join Slaw as an occasional contributor. Annette will need no introduction to most of our readers, but for those who might not know: she is the Reference Librarian at the Paul Martin Law Library, University of Windsor. Previously Annette worked as a Reference Librarian for International, Foreign and Comparative Law at the Harvard Law School Library. While working at Harvard, she was the editor of the newsletter of the American Association of Law Libraries Foreign, Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section. Annette also worked as a volunteer consultant . . . [more]

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