Corporate Blogs

Always on the lookout for hints on how to successfully build and maintain a corporate blog, I stumbled across these 2 helpful articles:

“As blogging grows, so do its do’s and don’ts”,, February 20th
Focuses on what you should and shouldn’t do to ensure your corporate blog is legally compliant.
-monitor content regularly
-train employees on how to comply with relevant corporate blogging policies and laws
-establish clear objectives for the blog(s)
-allow employees to post corporate trade secrets or patentable information

“Five ways to improve your corporate blogs”, Special Libraries Association Information Outlook, January 2007 (NOTE: Membership login required to access fulltext)
Provides practical tips on how to build internal and external company blogs that will be regularly read.
-use RSS feeds
-create a corporate blog policy
-develop strategies to nourish and maintain the company’s internal and external blog culture


  1. My favourite corporate blog policy is still from Sun: “Don’t do anything stupid.”

    See the discussion: