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I’m on the train to Ottawa, going to listen tomorrow to the Supreme Court hearing in Kerr v. Danier Leather along with the student editors of The CourtSee Simon Archer’s excellent summary of the facts and issues on The Court. — a “school outing” of the grown-up sort. A man behind me begins talking on his cell phone in that kind of projecting voice one uses for people far away even though they’re as close as your own ears in reality virtuality. I can’t help eavesdropping. Besides I’m curious because of some half caught words. Gradually it becomes clear . . . [more]

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Carnival of the Infosciences #67

I have just posted Carnival of the Infosciences #67 which I am hosting over at my personal blog. Can you find the subtle link back here to Slaw?

On a related note, I will be hosting the Blawg Review (the law blog carnival) on April 23, 2007 in honour of World Book and Copyright Day.

What is a carnival, you ask? It is a review of the best blog posts from the previous week (or, in the case of the Infosciences, two weeks). Hosting of the carnival moves around from blog to blog, much like the carnivals that move . . . [more]

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One Ring to Find Them All

GrandCentral is offering a service that supplies a single phone number that consolidates all of your current phone numbers — cell, work, home, cottage, your other cell… A person trying to reach you dials your new number (just try to get people to change their contact info) and all of your phones sound off, as though some UFO has woken all electrical devices within half a mile.

This might be useful for some — those, perhaps, who don’t regularly duck and hide behind phone A from callers to phone B. And those who believe that a Web 2.0 company is . . . [more]

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Translating Foreign Language Quotations

I’m reviewing a recent law-text published in English and aimed first at the English-speaking Commonwealth legal market, though also the bilingual (French and English) French-speaking market. It’s a comparative law look at how a number of Commonwealth jurisdictions and France – so common law and civil law – deal with some issues common to tort and delict. 

The text contains French-language quotations, some of which make significant points, which are not translated (nor always summarized), though generally the author’s lead-up provides context. Some of the untranslated passages contain information one won’t get from the surrounding English portions.

I concede that . . . [more]

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BC Legislative Library Closed – for Good?

Here’s the story in the Times-Colonist. A snip:

The B.C. legislature library is closing down indefinitely for a seismic upgrade, and there is widespread concern it won’t reopen.

And here’s a gem from Joan Barton, former head of the library:

“There is no such thing as ‘everything is on the Internet.’ When you say that to a librarian, they’re too polite to say so, but their first thought is: ‘I’m dealing with an idiot.’”

. . . [more]
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Brill’s Vision Turns to Mush

Like other press barons one could name, Steve Brill was always somewhat larger than life – founding the American Lawyer, building the first online legal community, Counsel Connect and launching a cable channel dedicated to trials – Court TV. All this tooks guts and vision. Steve could be a pain, but he was always an interesting painMuch like the prime defendant in the current Hollinger trial in Chicago.

Now Court TV is no more:

Court TV is changing its name, look and logo as part of a network overhaul planned for later this year.

The network, acquired by

. . . [more]
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The Friday Fillip

I know, I know, Spring refuses to show up properly, the recent vacation is as if it never were, we’ve lost an hour of sleep, and yet work keeps coming in the door faster than it leaves. I can’t offer much solace — too grumpy myself, maybe. But if, and I repeat if, a change is as good as a rest, take a plunge into a whackload of information and knowledge having nothing to do with law.

Dr. James B. Calvert is Associate Professor Emeritus of Engineering, University of Denver, and the author of a set of web pages that . . . [more]

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Tired and Grumpy?

Tired, Sore, Headache Originally uploaded to Flickr by Matt Brett.

It’s been a rough week all around. I thought I would be okay with this new-fangled early Daylight Saving Time change, but I’m not. I’m not even talking about all the problems getting all the computers, machines and gadgets on the right time. I can deal with that. It’s the actual, physical, living the change at this time of year that I have a problem with. The first day was okay, but since then the mere one hour change has disrupted my sleep habits completely, so I am walking . . . [more]

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For the hardcore tekkies among us there’s Techmeme, a scraping together of a lot of tech blogs to bring you the stories that might otherwise cost you a dozen or more separate RSS feeds. It offers some business stuff (“Why Cisco bought WebEX”), some strong opinion (“RIP Twitter”), some tech news, wacky and not (“Bracelet Phone”), and some advice (“16 Ways the Media can use Blogs”). If nothing else it will lead you to sources you might not find otherwise, and then you can practice filtering and combining your own tech feed. . . . [more]

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“Enterprise 2.0” – InformationWeek Research Survey

A recent InformationWeek article “Most Business Tech Pros Wary About Web 2.0 Tools in Business” (February 24th) discusses the results of a research survey of 250 business tech professionals’ thoughts about the applicability of various Web 2.0 tools in their workplaces. The survey revealed that these tech professionals are either hesitant or skeptical about blogs, wikis, etc., or they are enthusiastic but hesitant to adopt them.

The tech pros surveyed identified several major challenges to introducing Web 2.0 tools in their workplaces:
-lack of expertise
-integration with legacy technologies
-difficulty proving return on investment

Other highlights of . . . [more]

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