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Invitation – User Feedback Session for Legislative Assembly of Ontario Web Site

This invitation comes from Erica Anderson, Research Librarian at the Legislative Library, Ontario. Readers and writers of Slaw are invited:

Since the launch of the newly designed Legislative Assembly of Ontario website, the design team has been receiving useful feedback about how the law librarian community (and others) use the Assembly’s content. The Team would like to invite Toronto Association of Law Libraries, the Special Libraries Association and other interested parties from the legal community to a user research session on the new Legislative Assembly of Ontario website.

Please come and tell us about how you use Assembly information, bills,

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Mindmaps Online

As the Web 2.0 thing plays itself out, spreading into all available niches much like Darwin’s finches, mindmapping online is getting the biz. I’m a confirmed FreeMind user — that free, cross-platform Java-based mind map that does pretty much all that I need when I want to construct a mostly hierarchical model of something, that I’ve talked about before — but there’s no harm in checking out the online competition.

Web Worker Daily has done a review of all four of the newbies, three of them (, Mindomo, MindMeister) together and then Kayuda by itself. . . . [more]

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Rod Macdonald Wins $100,000 Killam Prize

McGill Law School’s consistently interesting mind, former Dean Rod Macdonald was this morning honoured with the Canada’s Council’s richest award.

He has won a $100,000 Killam Prize, designed to honour distinguished Canadian scholars actively engaged in research in Canada in universities, hospitals, research or scientific institutes, or other similar institutions. These awards are designed to encourage continuing contributions to scholarly research in Canada.

He’s the first legal scholar to win since Harry Arthurs five years ago.

As the founding President of the Law Commission of Canada, he’s been known for his strong commitment to innovative legal research.

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Ontario Legislature Website Redesign – Still Looking for Feedback

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario (LAO) website design team is still taking in feedback about their redesigned website, as per the post here on Slaw from March 9, 2007.

Erica Anderson, President of the Toronto Association of Law Libraries and Research Librarian at the Legislative Library, Ontario, says: “The LAO web design team is interested in specific comments about how people use the LAO website for their work, specific reasons for wanting to change or add something is appreciated.”

Questions or comments about the web site can be addressed to

The website is at this address: . . . [more]

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U.K. Parliament RSS Feeds for Persistent Perusers

lo-fi librarian in the U.K. reports that: now offers RSS feeds for a number of their pages, but they are strangely hidden. If you sign up for the email alerts that are offered on various sections of the site, e.g. Forthcoming business, then the first email you receive will be a confirmation that also offers the RSS option. You can add this to your chosen reader and then cancel the tiresome email alerts. Convenient and convoluted all at the same time.

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The Friday Fillip

…catches me on the hop today. So, something simple, something done automagically for me.

We deal in meaning, all of us Slawyers. So it’s sometimes just the thing to banish it from our lives, which is what The Eater of Meaning does. You feed it your website URL, tell it how much it may consume and wearing what sort of bib (so to speak), and out comes the kind of website that is perfectly suited to a Friday afternoon.

I fed it Slaw a while back and in the first go told it to eat whole words. The second time . . . [more]

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How Many Books Would It Take To….?

This is hardly about law but I’m sure we can make a connection; however, it does have something to do with research and libraries:
George W. Bush’s Presidential Library: A Room of His Own – (2007) 382:8520 The Economist 58. Apparently Southern Methodist University has been selected as the site for George W. Bush’s Presidential Library; with some misgivings.

The process as detailed in Wikipedia: George W. Bush Presidential Library selection.

…. so many places I could take this… but I’m going to restrain myself. However, I wonder who can come up with the best crack in the . . . [more]

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Leadership From MIT

Michael Geist reports that MIT Libraries has cancelled a subscription to a product that required them to download and apply a DRM program. One professor pointed out that the publisher was adamant about protecting ‘its’ IP, but in fact the content of the database, like many in the legal world, consists of research produced at universities and handed over for free. . . . [more]

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Delightful Diary Based on Diagrams

I had missed last week’s BBC Magazine which starts a Blog column based upon hand-drawn diagrams like this:

It’s described (somewhat pedestrianly) as

a neat analysis of modern life, all incorporated into that underused medium of index cards, the type of which one would have found in the pre-computer school library.

The original site is well worth finding.

Here is another image:

Whimsy for a Friday, even if it’s not the Fillip . . . [more]

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A Small Re-Design Project

Stanford University has started an interdisciplinary research program, Clean Slate Design for the Internet, that asks the beguilingly simple questions: “With what we know today, if we were to start again with a clean slate, how would we design a global communications infrastructure?”, and “How should the Internet look in 15 years?”

The whitpaper for the project [PDF] makes this statement in its introductory overview:

We believe that the current Internet has significant deficiencies that need to be solved before it can become a unified global communication infrastructure. Further, we believe the Internet’s shortcomings will not be resolved by

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News Update on the Joyce Estate Copyright Litigation

Stanford Law School yesterday announced a settlement in the litigation over unpublished materials by the Joyce Family that we discussed last year.

The case resulted in a settlement not in the sort of authoritative court ruling that many had hoped for.

The work that had been cut from the book on Lucia Joyce will be published here – but it’s not live yet.

But at least one of the world’s most aggressive copyright plaintiffs has been pushed back somewhat.

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John Swan

Yesterday, with no fanfare whatever (mea culpa), Slaw had the good fortune to acquire a new member. John Swan joined us as an occasional contributor. John is counsel at Aird & Berlis LLP in Toronto, supporting lawyers in that firm with respect to legal research and opinions. A teacher and an author, John will add much lustre to Slaw and certainly knows how to provoke us into a discussion: his mild, short first comment on CanLII has rapidly turned into the hottest thread here in quite a while.

Welcome John. . . . [more]

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