Legal Radio

…not that other radio is illegal… just that this “radio” has has its subject law. LegalTalkNetwork:

is the first truly interactive Internet radio network for the legal community. Each show is legal talk radio, highlighting important issues with high profile lawyers and experts. Get the latest legal news, and connections with colleagues that will help you meet the challenges of a changing legal world.

This is a network in that there are half a dozen sources of programming that are gathered here. Thus far this month you might have heard:

  • Economics of Personal Injury Cases [Ringler Radio]
  • Pet Food Contamination, Property Damage and Product Liability [Lawyer2Lawyer]
  • Avvo Class Action [Lawyer2Lawyer]
  • An Accident Victim’s Inspiration [Ringler Radio]
  • Legal Liability and the TB Scare [Lawyer2Lawyer]
  • Cultural Differences Between Legal Systems [Lawyer2Lawyer]
  • As usual, you can listen to a panel via streaming or you can download the MP3 file for playing in your iPod whenever.

    I’ve listened to a couple of broadcasts and find that the sound quality is okay but not stellar and the volume is uneven. The speakers are clear, though by no means trained in radio talk. There is merit here, I think, though I wonder when/where in a lawyer’s day she takes the chance to listen to such broadcasts? Do Slawyers listen to talks on internet radio? Online or on iPods?

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