Yahoo Pipes Again

pipes.pngLike many in the blogosphere, I took a look at Yahoo Pipes back in February when it launched, and then I dropped it. In my case this was because it wasn’t “easy peasy” to make it do nifty things. But I’ve gone back again and am more determined this time to make it sing and dance. Among other things I need to learn how JSON works, because it lets you put Pipes content directly into a web page without the need for it to pass through any other processor, as it would have to as an RSS feed. I need to make “regex,” a new Pipes feature, work for me. This is just for starters.

As a simple exercise to get me going, I cobbled together the feeds from Slaw and those of its contributors who maintain blogs, limiting the number of entries and calling the output Slaw.NET. The only (and tiny) bit of programming I had to come up with was the way to insert text identifying the different feeds. Because I’m not yet able to bring it into a web page directly, I’ve done so via Grazr, as you see below:

There are other services that will do the simple thing that I’ve done, i.e. marry a number of feeds together, but it seems to me that Pipes offers things that they don’t — if only I can learn enough to take advantage of them.

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