Three Reasons to Celebrate at Slaw

On Sunday, July 8, Slaw will celebrate its second birthday, so while you’re dozing in the hammock, mowing the lawn, taking the kids swimming, or just chilling, cast a happy thought our way. And, perhaps an eye, too: We’re toddling now, and you’ve got to watch us all the time or who knows what we’ll get into.

And sometime today we published our 2000th post, a month ahead of our 1000th post anniversary. Our membership has grown and strengthened, we’ve kept up the flow, and, I hope, we’ve made ourselves as near to indispensable as a blog might be. There’s always room for improvement, and I can tell you that improvement’s in the works.

slaw_stats.jpgFinally, let’s not lose sight of the fact that for practically every single month we’ve been blogging, we’ve been able to say, “This was our best month yet for visits.” Our readership continues to grow, as the table for this year shows. To put some numbers on this, in June we had over half a million hits, which resolved into a quarter of a million visits, compared to just under 200,000 hits in August of last year from 42,000 visits.

But visits aren’t abstract. They’re you, our readers and commenters. You’ve buoyed us, fed us information, corrected our mistakes and occasionally chided us for a misstep. And on behalf of all of us who blog here at Slaw, I thank you. Please continue to help us build this information community and to help us have fun. Pass the word.

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