Slaw Wins Blawggie

I have to give it to you exactly as I saw it:

Dennis “who does this guy think he is?” Kennedy has chosen Slaw as the top blawg in his annual parade of awards known as the Blawggies, and all of us here are busting with pride.

Here’s our excellent company in this honour:

2. The Marty Schwimmer Best Practice-Specific Legal Blog – Evan Brown’s Internet Cases

3. Best Law Practice Management Blog – Bruce MacEwen’s Adam Smith, Esq.

4. Best Legal Blog Category – Canadian Law-related Blogs

5. Best Legal Blog Digest – Stark County Law Library Weblog

6. Best Blawg About Legal Blawgging – Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs

7. Best Legal Podcast – Tie, This Week in Law and Bob Ambrogi’s and Craig Williams’ Lawyer2Lawyer Podcast

8. The Sherry Fowler Best Writing on a Legal Blog Award – Chuck Newton Rides the Third Wave

9. Best Law Professor Blog – Jim Maule’s Mauled Again

10. Best New Law-related Blog – Jordan Furlong’s Law 21

11. The DennisKennedy.Blog Best Legal Technology Blog – Rick Georges’ Futurelawyer

12. Most Important Trend in Law-related Blogging – Microblogging

And be sure to note, please, that Jordan Furlong garnered the prize for Best New Law-related Blog. Congratulations to Jordan for a really well-deserved win. And congratulations, too, to all of us law bloggers in Canada for making up the “Best Legal Blog Category.”


  1. There is definitely a Canadian presence in this year’s Blawggies. It is worth reading through his full post to learn more, including who he lists as the runners up.

    Congratulations to my fellow Slaw-yers and Jordan!


  2. Congratulations, Simon and everyone else, on an honour richly deserved! I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to write for Slaw, and even more fortunate to read it every day. Thanks for your kudos as well, but this is your day and your deserved recognition — many congratulations again! :-)

  3. We may need to issue Dennis a Canadian passport. :)

  4. Congrats to Simon et al..well done, well written and well deserved.

    Similar to Jordan, I am honoured to be part of the club – and congrats to Jordan as well for his own richly deserved efforts.

    I know that y’all (since we seem to be adopted by our American brethren) continually raise the bar and this helps all of us aim higher…