Doug Cornelius’ New Blog: Compliance Building

Congratulations to Doug Cornelius who has started the new blog Compliance Building. You may remember last October we mentioned he had moved from his real estate practice and knowledge management law firm work to take on the role of Chief Compliance Office for Beacon Capital Partners, LLC, a real estate private equity firm. On the “About” page, he explains the new blog: “I focus on compliance issues applicable to real estate private equity firms.”

I love the dual meaning of the blog title! Very clever, even if it does stray from his “spaces” blog name theme.


  1. I would have preferred to stay with the “space” blog name theme for this new blog. But was taken and they did not respond to my offers.

    Unfortunately, for the readers of KM Space this marks a big change of direction for my blogging and web presence. I consider knowledge management to be a part of compliance. But it is just a part.

    Now I will be a true “blawger” focusing on substantive legal issues and not just the meta around the law.

    So I thought it made sense to have a clean break. I doubt many of the readers of KM Space would be interested in most of my posts on compliance. So a new blog was born.

    I am glad you like the name and that the multiple meanings come across.