The Results Are in and the Winner Is…..

Over the past few years, various pundits and critics have raised all sorts of issues with legal process outsourcing (LPO). One way or another, these issues have largely been put to rest to the satisfaction of the legal industry and LPO clients.

So is quality the next issue? Is the quality of LPO work comparable to the quality of the same type of work being done onshore (i.e. in Canada)?

In February this year the American Conference Institute (ACI) held an India LPO Summit in New York. On the second day of the proceedings, Maria McMahon from Baker McKenzie reportedly presented her findings on the comparison of an onshore solution versus an offshore solution of a major document review project currently being undertaken offshore. She defined four metrics for comparison; quality, learning curve, productivity and cost.

Her conclusions were not stunning by any means. On comparing first pass document review, offshore outsourcing obviously scored very favorably on cost, and as would be expected, has a slightly longer learning curve. The real conclusion, again not unexpected by the LPO industry, was that the quality and productivity of the offshore work was comparable to the onshore work.

I am not suggesting that this single study is conclusive proof on the issue. We all know that in any environment the quality of work is directly proportional to the abilities of the people doing the work. Hiring and finding skilled and talented people is a universal requirement to produce quality work – whether onshore or offshore.

Knowing and understanding the expectations of LPO clients has permitted the LPO industry to proactively implement initiatives to meet these expectations. These initiatives obviously include rigorous in-house training. However, the growing demand for LPO services has now led to the launch of the first Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Process Outsourcing in India. This program has been developed by the Indira Gandhi National Open University – the leader in distance learning in India. The program seeks to further improve the skills of lawyers working in the LPO industry. It follows a unique methodology, combining world-class training materials and a variety of e-learning techniques to ensure maximum benefit to students. The program has been developed over months of intensive research. Scholarships for top candidates are available for this program and Legalwise is proud to be included amongst those companies offering this assistance.

So, who are the winners? Clearly LPO clients are the winners. Not only are providers of LPO services demonstrating to their clients that the quality and productivity of offshore work is comparable to onshore work; but the Indian educational system is now raising the bar on legal education by offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Process Outsourcing.


  1. the article is informative and incisive. Very much helpful in creating awareness for the students of I batch course.


  2. The article is encouraging for all LPO aspirants in India.

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  3. Rachel Tharakan

    It is great news to know that the quality and productivity of the offshore LPO services is comparable to onshore work. Now with PG Diploma available in India, LPOs companies can expect a greater degree of quality and productivity from their offshore clients

  4. Amazing…is the only word which perfectly describes the above mentioned paragraphs. This set of lines are a must-read for all those people who want to get into LPO industry.

  5. As someone entering the legal profession in Canada, I have to say I find the whole LPO phenomenon to be interesting. I can see how it might actually be quite cost-effective in some areas of the law. I assume that, once the large firms begin to express annoyance, the Law Societies will react, much in the way that they have with paralegals and notaries, by bringing their considerable power and political influence to bear. It will be entertaining to see how this situation unfolds.

  6. When i joined the Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Process Outsourcing at IGNOU, i had an apprehension whether this course has real potential. But my intuition said it has. Your article and its contents adds to my confidence and all who has choosen this and those who has an aspiration in to this.

  7. The Research Paper of Maria McMahon from Baker McKenzie should be shared with the Students.

  8. I think like any other out sourcing industry contribution from professionals will have a direct bearing on the out put. We can do much better in this field.

  9. Pradeep Pandey

    I am delighted that the Mr. Gavin Birer has taken note of Quality Consciousness of Indian L.P.O. Industry, actually Indian Lawyers have great potentials for this very sector but , it is also important to note that the training facilities for producing required Law professionals for Indian L.P.O. industry have to be increased many fold as currently available , thanks to Rainmaker Co. which has taken so much pain for fullfilling the Training facilities from very begining .

  10. Respected Mr.Gavin Birer,
    Thanks a lot for a critical analysis of the capabilities,quality of Law professionals of Indian LPO Industry.Further, your efforts in highlighting the capacity building initiative of Rainmaker Co. and IGNOU ( Indira Gandhi National Open University of India) by way of PGDLPO Course is something like Lighthoue to the US and UK attorneys for their future decisions,for outsourcing litigation support work to India . Let the legal fraternity of the world know that Rainmaker Co. is in the process of making world class litigation support service providers of high quality work at comparatively low cost with guarentee of Inernationally required Ethical and security standards.

  11. Now the winner is LPO students. Because this article raise my confidence level than before. First I thanks to IGNOU and Rainmaker Co. to offer this chance of improving the skills of lawyers who were prefered to give the quality produce from the LPO industry.

  12. your article about LPO particularly offshore sourcing having an edge over inshore is very encouraging.I am inspired to start LPO in India after completion of this course.

    Vimala Ashok

  13. Your article is indeed an inspiring one for all aspirants desiring to work in LPO sector.