Slaw Retweets: 23-29/11/09

As many Slaw readers will know, much of the trading in finds and pointers on the internet has moved into “real time” applications, principally Twitter. Because not everyone uses Twitter—and because those of us who do will each follow different groups—Slaw will test out a new weekly feature that brings you a selection of interesting tweets relating to things we haven’t otherwise posted about. These are chosen (by me) from a collection of tweets proposed, in this first go-round, by Slaw contributors. (Apologies for the fact that too many are from me: it’s just a pump priming.)

But we’d like those of you on Twitter to join us in this effort. If you create or come across a tweet that you think would be of interest to our readers, retweet it with the addition of the hashmark #slawca and it will arrive in our collection to be considered for inclusion in the next week’s version of Slaw Retweet. We will, of course, give full credit to the author of the tweet and to the reader who proposed it.

Herewith, then, a (very) few retweets to begin with:

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