Introducing Magma, Video Site With a Difference

I have been thinking a lot lately about video and how it might be of use in law. I blogged about Law Marketing: YouTube Milestones and the launch of law video site LegalTube earlier this month. Now allow me to introduce you to my new favourite video site, Magma.

Magma is the brainchild of Andrew Baron in New York, and developed by his team at Rocketboom, known as Internet video blogging pioneers. Not meant to replace YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo and the like, this site is a place to discover and aggregate videos from those other sites. I use the site to pull together all my favourite videos from various sites on the Internet. Selecting content feels a bit like having my own TV channel. I take it a step further and add a widget to my business blog so that those who visit the page directly can see what I have been viewing lately. I’ve added the widget below the fold in this blog post so you can see it in action.

In addition to being able to create a collection of videos specific to your clients or other audience, there is an added feature: if you have created and posted your own videos to other video sites, Magma aggregates the various tracking statistics for monitoring views, comments and other measures of influence from the various sites.

Allow Molly from Rocketboom to give you the full tour:

Here is the Magma widget I’ve posted on my blog with a dynamic view of the latest videos I have collected:

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