Paragraph Justification

I would like to know why (some) Nova Scotia reasons for judgment reported on CanLII are “centre justified”. Do they come this way from the courts? They are much harder to read than fully justified paragraphs or ones left with a “ragged right”.


  1. Angela, can you give us a link to an example?

  2. Thanks, Angela.

    here is an example:

    Looking at the original file it looks like there is a problem of some sort with the court’s WP template. We will contact them and fix this as soon as possible.

  3. Here is the same decision for the NS Courts website, left justified, so they don’t come from the court that way:

  4. Update on CanLII:
    As it turns out, the NS Courts distribute the “Information Sheet” separately from the corresponding reasons, in WP format. The Courts’ website merge them for their PDF versions, but CanLII does not receive this merged version and has to prepare its own before publication. In this process the center-justified style from the Information Sheet sometimes take over the whole document. This can be easily avoided or corrected.

  5. Thanks, Frédéric.