Avvo’s Top Legal Blogs

Simon Fodden already mentioned Avvo, a website that rates lawyers which was ironically sued soon after its launch.

I’ve noticed some traffic recently from one of their pages for Top Legal Blogs. Slaw ranks quite well at #26, which is rather impressive when you consider the size of our American counterparts (there aren’t many other Canadian sites in the listing).

Their methodology is based on Alexa Rankings, which do have significant flaws, and are subject to manipulation. The page might still serve as a useful resource for some of the top law sites out there, and it’s worth checking out.


  1. Clearly there is an inherent problem with any kind of Rating.
    In all such cases it is very subjective. At Lawyerlocate.ca we looked at this some years ago and found that it was far to difficult to Rate a lawyer outside of any bar disciplinary actions.
    I am certainly not surprised to see litigation against the services that offer online Ratings.

    In the end nothing is better than ole fashioned Reference checking!