ABA TECHSHOW Tips Edition of Law Practice Magazine

Boy, does time fly! Although at this time of year, that ’ s a good thing. It means that spring is nearly here, bringing with it another ABA TECHSHOW , and that it ’ s time for Law Practice ’ s annual Tech Tips issue. In this special issue, for the third year in a row, we celebrate the spirit of ABA TECHSHOW with a bounty of legal technology tips that you can put to use right away to help your days go more smoothly. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find:

  • Essential apps for your smartphone: Lawyers who are known for hunting down the best new smartphone apps tell us the ones they most love for making their day run smoothly.
  • Protecting client data: 11 steps to take when using technology: In a big heads-up for lawyers, a recent opinion from a state bar rules committee addresses the concept of lawyer competence for protecting client information when using technology. Here’s a data safeguarding checklist that should help keep your client data, and your practice, safe.
  • Working virtually: high productivity tips for travelling lawyers: With the toolset and how-tos given here, you’ll be able to keep your office at your fingertips anywhere there’s broadband access. (This article by fellow SLAWer Nicole Garton-Jones!)
  • Working smarter with knowledge tools: Knowledge tools, including work product retrieval systems, interactive checklists and document assembly systems, help get everyday legal work done faster, cheaper and better. This excerpt from the new ABA book The Lawyer’s Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools reveals what to look for in system authoring software.

Many thanks to Jim Calloway for pulling together an excellent set of pointers from ABA TECHSHOW veterans and all his help with this issue. We hope you enjoy the magazine and will put the tips to use today! You simply can’t practice law today without technology. It is critical to providing professional and competent client service at every law firm.

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