Friday Fillip Plus ++

If you haven’t used Google today, do it. The doodle right now is a PAC-MAN game, to celebrate the 30th birthday of that cultural event. And it works! Click on “insert coin” and use your arrow keys to eat your way to victory!


  1. Saw it but… could not figure out how it works… thanks, Yosie

  2. Give it a bit of extra time to load, it will say “READY”, then use the arrows on your keyboard….. not that I’ve been playing Pac Man today…………….

  3. How many people were puzzled when their machines starting making Pac-Man sounds and they couldn’t get it to stop? Because they didn’t know their machines were loading the Google start page in background?

  4. If you missed the doodle fly-by, you can find Google’s Pac-Man game here: