Your Forum on Court Technology

Circle September 22 and 23, 2010 on your calendar to attend the inaugural Canadian Forum on Court Technology at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa.

The Forum represents a rare opportunity to explain, understand, collaborate and move forward. So often we see the application of technology solely from our own perspective – as lawyers, librarians, judges, IT specialists, etc. – without realizing that other perspectives exist within the justice community and that these perspectives must be recognized and accommodated before mutually satisfactory goals can ultimately be achieved.

The Canadian Centre for Court Technology is proud to provide the country with an event during which will be featured Keynote speakers including Richard Susskind (author of “The End of Lawyers”), Allan Seckel (Deputy to the Premier of British Columbia) and Justice Louise Charron (Supreme Court of Canada). An array of experienced panels will cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • “Judging in 2020; In a courtroom or on the web?”,
  • use of video-conferencing in the court setting (with live coast-to-coast demonstration),
  • lessons on access to justice learned through one of Canada’s largest and most complex civil trials (Gastops v. MXI),
  • E-discovery,
  • performance measurements,
  • the use of tech-generated court statistics,
  • online dispute resolution,
  • techno-stress,
  • “do’s” and “don’ts” of court technology changeover,
  • modernizing the electronic record in Canadian courts,
  • and other timely subjects (full program).

Note that Early Bird Special ends June 4th, 2010 : Register online now!

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