iPad for Law? How About iPad for Fun!

Although I was going to blog at some point on using the iPad for legal work (e.g., including the useful tip to use the “two finger swipe technique” to properly scroll pages when using the Safari browser on iPad when searching Westlaw or Lexis – see video here for the technique, which works), the reality is that the iPad has been for me an entertainment device.

While I was successfully able to use the iPad in place of a laptop on a recent 1-week business/pleasure trip (with the business-side of things largely being checking email, taking notes and doing some online searches), I am enjoying it most for fun stuff.

Although I realize there is clearly more important world issues at stake, for those who don’t mind a break from substantive legal issues, set out below are some must have fun apps (realize this is my first Apple product ever, so I don’t want to be accused of being too keen on the product):

Slayer HD Pinball (Pinball HD is also good, better than ESPN Pinball)

Doodlejump (for iPhone but works well on iPad): best game ever, although my high score is only 24,110

Plants versus Zombies HD

FlightControl HD

Angry Birds HD


New York Times Crossword Subscription

I found Real Racing HD interesting (you steer by tilting the device) but not something that would last beyond an initial try. Ditto re Labyrinth 2 HD. I was also not impressed with Pac-Man, finding the controls too hard to maneuver. Although not a game, I liked Corkulous for organizing lists and other information. For book readers, I find the most choice for content and cheaper prices using the Kindle for iPad. Like Simon, I am using Dropbox and also Evernote for my “cloud” working environment but also purchased DocsToGo without having used it much.

To make the time commuting by public transit pass more quickly, I find watching movie rentals or purchases from iTunes, although expensive, to be a satisfactory experience holding the device on my lap (although it is true what they say about the glare – it is hard to view content in bright sunlight).

Now back to more serious stuff.


  1. Edward Prutschi

    Like you, I purchased an iPad under the cover of claiming some valid business purpose. Like you, I can make some lame arguments to justify the device as a laptop replacement. Like you, I have trotted it out at meetings and hammered out some notes. But, like you…doesn’t it just kick ass as a toy??!

    I’m loving the games on my iPad as I await my cases to be called in clogged criminal courts. To your excellent list of games, I would add Let’s Golf HD as a fun time waster.

    It’s also a tremendous social media device once you have TweetDeck for iPad installed and running.

    Finally, this device makes magazines fun again. Not every publisher has discovered the secret sauce (we don’t just want links to your online articles…I’m looking at you Road and Track or Maxim) but we absolutely LOVE the extened digital experience you get with a magazine like Wired. Check out the Zinio app if you want access to a huge list of digital magazines.

    As a book reader, the selection offered by iBooks, Kindle and Kobo, combine for a very robust library with some astounding deals (I purchased Michael Chrichton’s posthumous “Pirates” for $6.50 on Kindle and James Michener’s Israel opus, “The Source” on Kodo for $6.00…it sure beats lugging around the 1200 page paperback on my upcoming trip to Israel next week).

    Finally, as someone who was obsessed with comic books back in my youth, reading comics on the iPad is positively inspired. The colours leap off the page and swiping through panel-by-panel is a dream. Marvel has its own app for its content but I recommend “XComics” which covers a broader range of publishers including Marvel and DC but many great indies as well).

    To be clear, I am not a worshipper at the Church of Apple. Prior to my iPad, I was a dedicated acolyte at the Blackberry table. I own a fried 2nd generation iPod and that’s it. But boy, this iPad puppy is fun.