Watching the Odometer Click Over With Mr. TechTips

We pause to salute Mr Tech Tips, Dan Pinnington, whose eminently practical post takes Slaw to its six thousandth post.

From Simon’s initial post on July 8, 2005, let’s look back at what happened on July 20 each year. Start with Connie on corporate filing services, then to Heather Acton’s post on O’Brien’s forms four years ago, Ted Tjaden on the Simpsons and Legal Research, Agnes in 2008 on Animal Law, Gary on how lawyers can help feed the hungry a year ago, this has been an eclectic ramble to say the least.

Thanks to Simon F, the godfather, to all our contributors, and most of all to the readers, without whom we’d be talking to ourselves.

Now on to the next milestone.


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