The Elementary School Civil Mock Trial Program

The Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) and the Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) regularly organize lawyer volunteers to go into Ontario Grade 5 classrooms to run Mock Trials based on the Hansel and Gretel story as part of their Elementary School Civil Mock Trial Program. The program is very well received and so popular that every year they have more schools wishing to participate. A recent call for more volunteers turned out enough interested people to help with the upcoming November and January Mock Trials, but they anticipating needing more volunteers in the future as they schedule more dates with schools.

Joan Rataic-Lang of the TLA told me:

Turns out that the lawyers have as much fun as the kids. The kids are really excited about working with real lawyers. The lawyers are a bit nervous about it but OJEN has done all the work in preparing a package of Lawyer Volunteer Materials with everything from Classroom Teaching Tips to well detailed activities. Makes it very easy for them to do it.

See the promo flyer: OJEN_TLA_Grade 5 Program Promo (pdf).

Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact:

Joan Rataic-Lang
Library Manager/Executive Director
Toronto Lawyers Association

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