CanLII Announces RSS Feeds for Searches

CanLII has just announced that now you can get an RSS feed for a caselaw search. The feed will give you “recently added decisions that match your current query.” As you see in the image below, an RSS icon appears above and to the right of your search results:

Click on image to enlarge.

This will be a great boon to researchers, giving their current awareness a serious cost-free boost. But it’s not the only improvement announced today. Searches are now speedier, thanks to improvements in indexing. (I’m informed that since last summer CanLII has been made faster by a factor of ten.) Finally, highlighting has been improved so that it respects your search terms:

Up until now, when your query contained proximity operators (/s, /p or /n), every occurrence of the keywords contained in this query were highlighted in the document accessed through the search results page.

Now, only those occurrences of keywords that match your query are highlighted. For instance, if your query is common-law /3 partners, only occurrences of “common-law” and “partners” that are separated by three terms or less in the document will be highlighted.

The great work from Lexum continues.


  1. wow – this is a truly great improvement, very useful! thanks Simon for reporting it!