New CEO at Canadian Centre for Court Technology

You have to like those network update emails that come from LinkedIn. I particularly enjoy when you find out someone you know has altered their position title — likely indicating a new job.

Take this morning for example. I opened the email to find our Slaw colleague Patrick Cormier has a great new role! See:

I’m sure a more formal announcement is coming, as the CCCT/CCTJ website is still showing the position as “TBD”. But for now, let me say an early “Congratulations Patrick!“. From everything I’ve seen, your commitment and hard work make this appointment a natural choice.


  1. Thank you Steven for the kind words!

    I am looking forward to taking on this challenge and to pursuing the excellent work undertaken by Dominic.

    I also look forward to meet any member of the slaw community attending the LegalIT Conference next Monday in Montreal!