Canadian Centre for Court Technology New CEO

As ex-Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Centre for Court Technology / Centre canadien de technologie judiciaire, I’m pleased to officially announce the nomination of Patrick Cormier as the new CEO of the CCCT-CCTJ.

Aside from being a close friend and confrère, Patrick Cormier is a social media, technology and information management expert. He is also the president of Government 2.0 Think Tank Inc., which provides advice to government Departments and Agencies on how to best advance their information management and web 2.0 agenda. Prior to founding Government 2.0 Think Tank Inc., Mr. Cormier was a military lawyer from the Office of the Judge-Advocate General of the Canadian Forces. He regularly provides social media legal issues sessions to judges across the country under the auspices of the National Judicial Institute. As Slawyers know, Patrick is familiar with the CCCT-CCTJ as a result of his work as Intelleader for the Court Websites Intellaction Working Group which is tasked with preparing vendor-neutral guidelines to promote the modernization of Canadian court web sites.

A bilingual Quebec Bar Member, Patrick graduated from McGill University (common law and civil law programs) and from Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean in 1992 (B.Sc.).

Félicitations Patrick!

More details in the press release.

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