New Alberta Law Reform Institute Website

The Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) has launched a new website. It has a new look, new address and best of all new features. 

The new website offers three easy methods of communication:

A Mailing List – Receive notices of new publications or any other significant activities. Be assured that this will not create a flood of messages in your inbox, but simply an occasional update from ALRI.

A Feedback Form – A quick method to comment on their work or provide your suggestions. You can find this option under the Your Views tab on the new website.

An RSS Feed – A new method to receive notices of any updates made to their website.

New features of the site include:

〉 Enhanced search capabilities
〉 Briefs on all projects and publications
〉 Legislation based on ALRI reports

There is also an extensive list of links to other law reform agencies domestic and foreign.

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