Consumer Reports Magazine Archives Public Today!

When it comes to purchasing things, I research things to death. One of my favourite resources is Consumer Reports magazine. It provides independent information, advice and reviews on just about any and every product or service you can purchase (televisions, cameras, cell phones, small and large appliances, cars, food products, hotels etc.).

The articles review the features you should know about in so far as selecting between different models and they have helpful charts that rate and compare the top-rated options. They provide information on pricing and other tips to save money. There is also great reliability and repair info from readership surveys. There is a separate section that has Canadian-specific information for the pricing.

For today only, you can see the entire Consumer Reports magazine archive for free (with a registration).

I think Consumer Resource is a great resource. Take the opportunity to check it out today, especially if you are looking for information on a upcoming purchase.


  1. I’m a fan of Consumer Reports, too, and I access it free through my public library’s online resources. Many public libraries make them available that way!