Law Firm Librarians on Firmer Ground

On Firmer Ground is a brand new blog site by and for law firm librarians. It is a collaborative effort of the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association, the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries/L’Association canadienne des bibliothèques de droit and the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians.

OFG is an ongoing discussion about the challenges law firm librarians face and strategies for surmounting them. We are not here to merely talk about the state of our industry. We are here to discuss proactive solutions and innovative ideas that will not only sustain this noble profession, but help it thrive in a changing world. We invite you into our discussion. Join your colleagues and other luminaries as we open our minds and share our opinions on the future of law firm libraries.

The blog has the lofty mission of aspiring to foster creativity and collaboration in the problem-solving process by placing its focus on actual and interactive discussions among those within and connected to the law firm information industry. Given the practical information shared in the first post, I am certain the mission of the site will be fulfilled.

Susannah Tredwell from Lawson Lundell in Vancouver, a co-chair of the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Group is CALL/ACBD’s representative on the editorial board of this new blog. Susannah is no stranger to Slawyers. John J. DiGilio, Chair, Legal Division of SLA, Steven Lastres, Chair-Elect, PLL-SIS of AALL, and James Mullan President Elect, BIALL complete the editorial board.

There are clear and reasonable guidelines on how to share your thoughts on how to provide innovative practice support, leveraging technology to provide process efficiencies that allow lawyers and support staff to work smarter and contributing to the bottom line by being effective business managers of the firm’s information resources and know-how. I look forward to reading and sharing On Firmer Ground.


  1. Do librarians in Law Firms keep records of the work they have done each day for lawyers. And does this paper work get sent to records for storage?

  2. I think that there are probably different processes depending on the organization.

    Personally, my staff and I keep track of the research that we do on files for lawyers in a couple of ways. First by entering our time into the back office time and billing software, and second by producing written work product with detailed search notes. If we are just getting a specific document to fill a lawyers request, we generally just pull and provide without the search notes, however, there would be a time entry for that if we were given a file number.

    Work that we do in my firm’s library generally ends up on the electronic or paper file is treated like file material and dealt with in the normal course of storage for the file.

    Hope that helps.