Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do

A few weeks ago LifeHacker posted the “Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do” to its LifeHacker Top 10 collection.

I had this post on my list to post personally and for LAWPRO and practicePRO’s follower’s today, but decided I would give it a mention on SLAW as I think that the advice in it is just so critical to every computer user.

This is a must read post. The steps mentioned are simple to do and they will save your bacon in the event you experience one of the more common computer or technology nightmares – and don’t fool yourself – you will at some point.

The instructions are easy to understand as they are in plain English and there are loads of supplemental links for more information on the specific steps it recommends. Those steps are:

  1. Keep Your Personal Information Safe and Secure
  2. Easily Find Your Lost or Stolen Gadgets
  3. Instantly Share a File Between Two Computers
  4. Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape with Regular Maintenance
  5. Access Your Home Computer From Anywhere
  6. Keep Your Batteries Lasting as Long as Possible
  7. Set Up Your Network (and Fix Wi-Fi Problems)
  8. Protect Yourself From Viruses
  9. Do Everything Faster with Shortcuts
  10. Set Up a Simple Backup System

Please read this post and follow its recommendations. You will thank me one day.


  1. 5. Access Your Home Computer From Anywhere

    Even if it’s turned off? Remarkable. (VBG)

    I understand that some people have been known to turn off electrical devices when they’re not being used. (Even the kind that are SFW.)