More on New Lawyer Orientation

ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine arrived yesterday – via Uberflip which I will happily explore in a future post.

Though the technology that Peer to Peer is available through is cool, this post is about its content, which is also cool. There are several articles in this issue about new hire orientation. Like Margaret McCaffery’s excellent post this week on new hire orientation and marketing, each article is from a different perspective.

  • Law firm 101 from mystery to mastery – deals with orientation from the CIO perspective
  • Law firm orientation know where you are to know where you are going – looks at the issue from the organizational structure perspective
  • Jump-start new associates with KM boot camp – tackles the issue from the knowledge management side of the equation

Peer to Peer for December 2012 is a great cover to cover read, and one among many good reasons to be a member of the International Legal Technology Association.

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