Newly Redesigned: Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research

Many Slaw readers will be familiar with the guides and resources made available at Catherine Best‘s Over the past 15 years, Catherine has invested thousands of hours into this project, making it one of the most respected (and fluid) resources for introducing legal research here in Canada. “Best’s Guide to Canadian Legal Research” has helped to introduce an entire generation of researchers to the topic. I would also consider it to be one of our earliest examples of a digital guide published entirely over the web.

So I’m very proud to announce the re-launch of this website, and would like to invite everyone to drop over for a little housewarming and to see the renos! Fifteen years after it first launched, the references to CD-Rom products are long-gone, but you will be able to check out Catherine’s new Canadian Legal Research Blog, the new “Step-by-step legal research process” chart, and follow updates via social media.

This was a great project to be a part of! And a big tip of the hat to Catherine Best for all the great work she continues to deliver!

Here’s a screen capture of the new homepage:


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