The Next Tech Trend – Smart Watches

A few smart watches are on the market now. The Pebble that resulted from a Kickstarter project is probably the most well known one.

Many manufacturers are working on their own versions. Samsung today revealed its Galaxy Gear smartwatch .

For now, it apparently only works with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, but I’m sure that will change soon.

So what does a smartwatch do? Basically, it works as an interface for your smartphone. You can make and receive calls from it, send and receive texts, control music, and interface in other various ways. It responds to touch, voice, and gesture commands. It even has a camera in the side of the wristband. Which means you can take pictures just as surreptitiously as with Google Glass.

It will be available for purchase later this month. I think these will become popular, probably more popular than Google Glass. Google is developing their own smartwatch as well – indeed they own a company that has already made one.

It makes sense as a way to interact with a large phone or tablet without taking it out of your pocket.

One thing that will be interesting is how the use of smartwatches when driving will be perceived.


  1. Fearless Fosdick calling Dick Tracy.

  2. :) In fact, the speaker/mic in the Galaxy gear are positioned so you hold your hand up to your ear to use it.

  3. What goes around. Still, this version seems better :-)