practicePRO’s Top Downloads of Articles and Resources in 2014

At the end of each year we at practicePRO take a look at what articles, checklists, tips, and other resources had the most downloads. As always, the list contains many resources that remain popular year after year (e.g. our retainer precedents, ILA checklist and e-Discovery reading list).

There are also some new and interesting entries on the list that stand out:

  • Self-represented litigants (A survival guide): This 2006 article by Carol Cochrane was #19 on the list last year, but jumped to #2 this year. Does this indicate that the issue of clients choosing to represent themselves is starting to become a more pressing concern?
  • Protecting yourself from cybercrime: The steps you need to take: This article from December 2013 lists 16 things lawyers and firms can do to protect themselves from a cyber security breach. LAWPRO’s efforts to inform the profession of the dangers of cybercrime resulted in nearly 7,000 downloads of this article.
  • Social media: A quick primer for lawyers:This overview of blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc from 2009 wasn’t in our top 40 previously, but appeared at #23 this year with about 2,300 downloads. Are more lawyers starting to take an interest in establishing a social media presence?

The full list of the top downloads can be viewed here, as well as the Top 40 lists from previous years. Have a look to see what other lawyers are reading!

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