Legal Innovations: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Innovation means different things to different people – to some, it’s about a small tweak that makes a big difference; to others, it’s a complete disruption in the force.

In Canada, the discussion about legal innovation has lately become bogged down in the debate over alternative business structures (ABS). But that’s not where innovation begins or ends.

On July 23, Friedrich Blase of Thomson Reuters and Natalie McFarlane of LawLignment will host a CBAFutureschat to discuss favourite legal innovations – just what do you define as a legal innovation? What tools make your business model possible? What innovations have you seen increasing your clients’ access to justice? Have we overlooked legal innovations because they haven’t yet reached a critical mass of adopters? And what’s the best way to measure innovation: whom should it impact, and why?

The CBAFutureschat is a warm-up event for a CBA Legal Conference panel on Aug. 15 titled All About Legal Innovations, where speakers Blase and McFarlane will share innovations in legal service delivery around the world, and invite participants to do their own blue-sky thinking about innovations in the Canadian legal marketplace. We hope you can join them on Twitter and in person – follow @fblase and @NatalieP_Impact, or follow the hashtag #CBAFutureschat between 12-1pm ET on July 23.

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