CBA Futures Twitterchat: Leveraging Mindfulness for Professional Gain

Being mindful means to pay attention – not just to stop and smell the roses but to be aware of the roses, their intricacies of their form and scent and the effect their presence has on their environment. How would you extend that analogy to the practice of law?

Last year around this time, the CBA Legal Futures Initiative issued its report (Futures: Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada) calling for a new legal order. The report suggests that we find new models for legal education, that we reflect on our practice in order to innovate, and that lawyers take an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving – what would it mean to make these changes in a mindful way?

Can we – should we – foster mindfulness in law school along with analytic reasoning?

Join our next Twitterchat, hosted by Jeena Cho, a practicing bankruptcy lawyer from San Francisco, author of the new ABA publication The Anxious Lawyer, and fervent believer in lawyers being able to tame the mind. She was just named one of the Fastcase 50 for encouraging lawyers to “step back and breathe.” How can meditation allow us to be better lawyers in the future? Tune into #CBAFutureschat on Tuesday, August 11th at 12pm ET to find out.

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