Futures Past, Present and … Yes, Future

The CBA Futures Initiative made a splash last year with its report on the future of legal services, and we’ve been really pleased to be at the centre of the conversation about what today’s changes will mean for the future of the profession in Canada. Since the report was released we’ve been talking the talk AND walking the walk, creating tools and information resources for members.

Some facts and figures:

  • Futures: Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada, is required reading on a growing number of law school syllabuses;
  • The Futures team has reached nearly 3,000 people with its in-person presentations on the future of legal services;
  • We’ve produced a number of resources for members since the report was published, and will be rolling out more this fall and into the new year, including a toolkit for young lawyers and new videos and podcasts on our Do Law Differently website;
  • Online, our monthly #CBAFutureschat reaches an international audience of people active in the Futures discourse, holding lively discussions on topics such as legal education, regulatory reform and business opportunities.

Speaking of Twitterchats, I’ll be hosting the next #cbafutureschat titled Legal Futures: Year One and Onward. I want to talk to you about the value you think the CBA Legal Futures Initiative has brought to the Canadian legal profession; which ideas you liked best (and why) and also which ideas you think need more work. What tools would you like to see to bring the report home to more members of the profession? What should we focus on in Year Two?

Join me on September 28 at noon ET, to join the conversation.

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