The Perspectives of Future Members of Our Profession

Author: Adam Dodek (Ottawa) & David Tanovich (Windsor) Guest Blogger

We have been fortunate to have taught legal ethics over the past two decades at four law schools: U of T, Osgoode, Windsor and uOttawa. We quickly came to appreciate the multiplicity of experiences and perspectives that students bring to the discussion of these issues. We both have included requirements that students write short analytical papers, along the lines of the blogs that appear here on Slaw, or newspaper op-eds.

We both encourage students to dissect a particular issue, to push themselves and to be creative. We have been well-rewarded with thoughtful and original pieces. The work of these students deserves a broader audience.

Kudos to Slaw founding Publisher Simon Fodden and current Publisher Steve Matthews for providing a forum for our future colleagues at the bar. This year’s set features Samantha Peters tackling cultural competency, Monica Befa introducing us to the ethics of tweeting, Valerie Akujobi considering the challenge of advertising for women lawyers, Lindsay Carbonero addressing the importance of treating mental health as a professionalism issue and Cathleen Brennan arguing for why the proposed LSUC restrictions on judges returning to practice do not go far enough.

We have said enough. We shall let these students’ voices speak for themselves.

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