The Friday Fillip

As befits a Friday Fillip, this one has the merest connection to the law, let alone to legal research — though somewhat more to IT. The connection is the voice. Law is/was an oral discipline in part and this is all about the marvel of the human voice.

It’s a Honda ad, in which a choir impersonates a car, so to speak. No trivial “zoom-zoom” here. Here we have the full experience. You go to The intro – Discover the New Honda – starts you off, but then you find yourself in a garage. When you get there, click the Watch Civic sign. After that, sit back and marvel.

Just in case you feel like re-visiting the experience, you can download the video podcast of the basic choir performance and of the rehearsal sequence. Check it out via iTunes in full-screen mode.

Let’s hear that door slam one more time.


  1. Quite wonderful. This link has been sent worldwide. Lovely find.